Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A few of our favourite things...

Hello again, Sunbury Stitchers! So, I know you're all very talented, crafty ladies, but do any of you have your own blog? Do any of you like to write and share your wonderful stitched up exploits with the rest of the patchwork and quilting world? Don't be shy! We'd love to hear from you.

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We do have several members who write and post for our group blog here, but I thought it might be nice to include a link to anyone's personal blog if they're interested in sharing with us. It's fun to read the blogs of all the wonderful quilters out there...and there are so many. If you have any ideas you'd like to write about yourself, but aren't interested in the technical stuff, please email them to us and we'll post them up for could be our next guest blogger! Alternately, if you would like us to investigate a particular topic of interest {preferably quilt related} and write a post about it, please comment below, email us or mention it to either Glo, Evelyn, Heather or myself in person at sit and sew. We'll be happy to oblige...won't we ladies? ;)

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Contributing to a blog is also a way to extend your own resource bank of tips, hints, tutorials, patterns and fabulous ideas. Sometimes it's the blogs of everyday people like you and I {not just the quilt and fabric designers} where you might come across interesting and different ways of doing things or new techniques being shared. So even if you don't have a blog of your own, but have found something you think would be great to share with the group, I'd like to hear from you. I'm going to post a regular list every Friday of favourite things found on the web and I'd LOVE some input from the group. It might be a photo or a link, a blog, a product, a recipe, a shop, whatever you want to share, please send it through to me Look out for Friday Favourites in upcoming posts!

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I thought it might also be fun to post some tips on how to set up and look after your own blog or tips on blogging in general if you feel like you might want to contribute with us, here on in stitches, so if anyone has any suggestions on things they might like to know...ask away and I'll do my best to answer your technical questions.

Happy stitching, Kylie x


  1. Well done Kylie. It is good to see us up and at it! Glo x

  2. Well done Kylie & Glo great to see such a wonderful comeback with our blog. I hope Evelyn recovers totally very soon, Lyn


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