Friday, June 6, 2014

one: friday favourites

Hi Sunbury Stitchers!

I mentioned the other day that I would start a regular post on Fridays called Friday Favourites, where I'd post some of my {and your} favourite things, stories, tips, blogs, sites, products, recipes or what evers from around the web.

Evelyn and I were chatting last Tuesday night about those "magical" Frixion know the ones that you can write with on your fabric and then when you iron the fabric, the marks magically disappear?? Well, after that conversation, Evelyn sent me through this very interesting link from a quilter called Lee on her blog Freshly Pieced. It's a great post, particularly if you use these pens to mark your quilts for quilting. Well worth a read and the results might shock you a little! Don't miss the link early on in the post to another blogger, Angela who tests the pens and shows you some interesting tidbits. On the upside though, Lee's blog has a lot of other, very lovely posts to read and lots of quilty eye-candy.

source: got the knack

Here's a little something from me. I've been a bit of a long time fan of the work of Australian quilter Sarah Fielke and her book with Amy Lobsiger, Little Quilts is no exception. I have some of Sarah's other quilt books and this one looks like it would be a very sweet addition to any quilter's library, particularly for those of you who like adorable, little projects. You can pre-order this one from Amazon here.

source: the last piece

Lastly, something super girly...and also one of my favourite things when I have nothing else to do and just want to spend some time pampering myself. I love nailpolish and was stunned to find... over at the Soak website, some lovely fabric designers {who have their own ranges of fabric} also have ranges of nailpolish! You may have heard of Soak via their lovely quilt washing and pressing products, Soak and Flatter, but did you know about their nailpolish? Well, now you do.

You might have seen the Pearl Bracelet fabric by designer Lizzy House around and about in quilt stores? See here...

source: Red Pepper Quilts

It's super pretty, comes in loads of colours with cute names like cosmonaut, verbena and cotton candy... and if you have a look around the aforementioned Lee's blog, you might come across a quilt-along project she did using this range. It was called Bloom, Bloom, Pow and is pretty gorgeous. I digress however... here is Lizzy House's nailpolish range from Soak... {sigh}

source: Soak

Anyhoo! That's enough from me. Remember, I'd LOVE some input from the group to post here, so please send some things my way. There's a link to my email address in this post, if you don't know it. Don't be shy. Share with us... otherwise you'll have to put up with all of my favourite drivel every week. :)


Kylie x

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  1. Hi Kylie and SS and Q ladies, I have had very mixed results with frixion pens, and while they are so useful in some situations, I do exercise some caution with them. I once marked some quilting lines with them on a darker fabric, and found when I ironed it away, it left a white line which I could not remove. Also, I used one of them to mark some quilting lines on a white fabric, and again it left a mark I could not get out. Great for some things, not so much for others. Kind regards Tania


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