Saturday, March 11, 2017

Third report on March 7th meeting!

We have had a few new members join us on Tuesday night and/or the Saturday sit 'n'sew sessions.  It is always lovely to see some new faces and be inspired by their fresh ideas. Welcome to Maree, Kate and Maryvonne!

Members of our group are often looking for ways to contribute to our community and several opportunities were discussed at our meeting. 

Boomerang bags

10 million plastic bags are used daily in Australia and we know where most of them end up in land fill and the ocean. The plan is to make bags which people use and then return to a shop phasing out plastic bags. There has been great community interest and many are getting on board. There will be production lines of people making these bags. They are simple square bags with a handle but will have a logo stitched on the front. You use them then return them to another shop or same shop using the initiative. A Sunbury resident has taken up the challenge so we hope to get more information soon.


Aussie Heroes Quilts and Laundry Bags

photo from the BLOG  

Many of you will know of this initiative to make quilts or laundry bags to send to our service men and women overseas to show our gratitude for their service. It is to show we care about the people not the politics. There are certain sizes and colours requested so if you plan to make one you will need to look at the blog.

Recently Ann McW and her daughter Laura received this Facebook message from a Sunbury service man-

Ann and Laura, I am originally from Sunbury and received a quilt and LB while deployed. It would be lovely if some people from my home town could help out Aussie Hero's. It is such a special gift for deployed troops. Thanks in advance.


Our group is currently busy  supporting  the Quilt-In which takes place in June. We will then have more time for  initiatives such as this.  Members  can obviously contribute as individuals at any time. 


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check out new information contained under these.


That's all for March 7th!  That was a marathon! Thank goodness for the excellent minute taking!

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