Meeting Dates and Clean Up Duties

Meeting Dates  for 2018

The first Tuesday of the month will normally be a meeting night.
The third Tuesday will be Committee Meetings.
The second and fourth Tuesdays will be sit and sew sessions.

In some months there are 5 Tuesdays so they will be bonus sit and sew sessions!

Clean Up Duties in 2018

Since we have had Saturday Sit and Sew sessions the the number of people regularly attending on Tuesday nights has decreased.  It has been decided not to have a formal list of people on duty and will rely on everyone pitching in and making sure the Hall is tidy when we leave.  Be proactive and not leave it to the same people each night.  This applies to the Saturday sessions where everyone is expected to help keep the venues tidy.

Duties include organizing the tea and coffee and putting on the kettle.  Make sure the kitchen is tidy at the end of the night.  The floor also needs a sweep to clean up stray cotton and pins.  

Tables and chairs also need to be organised.

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