Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Show and tell

Here is Lyn's very first quilt!  Lyn has been waiting 40 years to learn how to quilt and she's off to a great start!  This quilt is for her 4 year old grandson.  The quilt is The Falling Triangles quilt pattern from The Missouri Star Quilt Company.

Lyn is now planning her next quilt!

Di was inspired to make this quilt after seeing something similar on display at The Retreat, Gisborne.  She had taken some scraps of fabric with her to retreat, did a bit of working out and...voilà!

Di used her newly acquired Westalee Ruler skills to quilt the borders.  

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Great Concentration Was Needed on Saturday!

The following photos illustrate the effort needed to produce our masterpieces with our newly acquired Westalee ruler templates.  It sounded simple at the start but not so!

Robyn started off very well by confusing her thumb and index fingers.  She cut off the wrong ends of her gloves.  In her usual style she overcame this set back and set about creating some great designs.

We were very lucky to have such  knowledgeable and talented teacher, Anitja Eliis, to patiently guide us through the steps.

And of course the shop was much too tempting and we all spent too much for things we could not manage without!

The regular Saturday Sewers were busy creating as well and offered us students words of encouragement!

There is more to come with this topic!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Another cold night

We are preparing for our workshop on Saturday. Don’t forget to do your homework, there is a lot to get ready.

Be early as you will need to set up. The workshop starts at 9.00.

 There is a Sit and Sew for anyone who wishes to attend. 

BYO Lunch

Anita will bring along her shop.
 This is Sheila's completed Dinosaur Quilt made for one of her grandchildren. It was needle turned applique and quilted on a domestic machine
 Hello Kitty -  Janice's  second quilt. made about 7 years ago

 One of Robyn's earl;y quilts called Polly and Friends made in 2009.
 Ann showed us she has mastered the use of her embroidery machine with this towel

 Another of Robyn's early quilts

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Cold and Frosty Night

Although it was cold a group of ladies ventured out to enjoy the company, have a cuppa and some even did some sewing.  It is wonderful to see both Jillian and Lyn embarking on new projects. We are continuing on the theme of bringing along some of the quilts we made when we first began quilting.
Rosie brought along this one which was huge. Both Rosie and Annie had started this but Rosie's was complete.

This was belonged to Annie M. and she recalled making it which travelling

Ann has been working her way through a great deal of tope she had completed. Not may left now. It is great fun trying to work out when the quilts were made and to see the way our quilting styles have evolved.
This quilt belonged to Evelyn and she believed it to be 25 years old. It looked well loved!
Congratulation ladies

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Early Quilts and a Newbie

Two quilts were displayed which were completed last centuary!!
Judy V made hers at Essendon Quilters in Fletcher St and Sheila's quilt was made for her mothers 80th birthday and was made from a pattern in a magazine. She admits to having few skills but followed instructions.

The pin cushion was completed by Jillian who is new to our group. Congratulations. Now for the next challenge.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Saturday Sit and Sew 9th June

The Queen's Birthday Weekend. Hope those of you who work enjoyed the extended break, many were away or had plans for the week end. Eight people came together for a frezy of sewing. Whole boxes full of projects appear and are worked through making the day satisfying and worth while. The cameraderie amongst the group is great, enjoying  a chit chat like only ladies can.

Out theme was "Quilts we made a while ago when our quilting journey started"
This was a sampler made by Annie C made at a class in Essendon circa 2001?

This was the work of Lyn Staub. She still enjoys enbroidery to this day.

This was Judy Van Dyck. It was a quillow and was an early example of her work

A lovely wall haning made by Elsa. The picture doesnt do it justice. Many of the flowers were in 3D

Robyn made this for her grand daughter as a floor quilt. She said it was sttill used and much loved today

Another quilt by Annie made from flannels whch had a lovely feel as well as looking good.

Any night or Saturday is show a quilt time.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A Busy June Meeting

Sheila was busy chairing the meeting and taking the minutes with a lot to be discussed for our group. Check your minutes to keep up to date.  Our annual general meeting will be happening on August 7th so think about nominating for a position so our group can continue and grow stronger!  Make sure you are financial member so that you can nominate and vote.  Fees are $40.00 and payable to Robyn.

Show and Tell included a hexagon quilt Grace made between 2001 and 2007.  She was still making hexagons last night!

Notice the interesting prairie points on the edge.

Glo brought along her "vintage" first quilt comprising a mixture of polyester and cotton fabrics and very puffy wadding!  The appliqué was a brave attempt and it was even hand quilted!  The original quilt had a ruffle border and Glo is currently replacing it with a simple binding.  It was a McCalls craft pattern of 70's era!

Rosie proudly displayed her dinosaur quilt.

Notice the paw prints on the back.  A large dinosaur will also feature in the centre.  Bring it back for another look Rosie when it is finished!

Rosie also showed us a quilt top she made with the Kilmore quilters at a Friday night get-together.  It has come together really well with the use of a feature fabric made into a snowball block and alternated with a nine patch block of coordinating fabrics. Rosie can show you more pictures of quilts made from this concept.

Annie M has made good use of the fabrics she bought from Aldi.  It looked really nice front and back!
(I notice all the sewing paraphernalia has disappeared from Aldi!)

And finally Sheila is also working on a dinosaur quilt----

Not sure who will be the recipient of this great effort!


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