Monday, February 20, 2017

Hope for me yet

Today I had the pleasure of seeing a wonderful quilt made by a lady 93 years young. She made the quilt in 1999 to 2001. It is a memory quilt showing pictures of where she grew up in Cornwall. If you can zoom check out the school she attended, her and her sister rolling down a hill, her uncle ploughing a field and making cider. The quilt refers to life around 1932 to 1937. She herself was still sewing and quilt making using a 29 year old machine. Her work was amazing

Today I had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful lady aged all of 93. She displayed her quilt

Thursday, February 9, 2017

First Meeting for 2017

We had a good turnout of members for our first meeting in 2017 and there are lots of exciting adventures planned! We must first welcome some new members, Janette and Maree.  We hope they enjoy their experience with us.

As mentioned in a previous post we are moving more into the digital world and will not be producing the old newspaper format.  Instead find the information you need here on the BLOG and in the regular emails that various members will be sending out.  There was a lot of duplication in sending out information so this should be more efficient.

Sheila's prompt sending of minutes after each monthly meetings is very helpful. particularly if you cannot get to the Tuesday night gathering.

Some Show and Tell photos from our first meeting-

Di always has an interesting quilt to share with us.  It's amazing how effective the colour and placement of the drunkards path block is in this rendition!  Beautiful fabric on the back.

Gail can be proud of her cushion cover featuring the cathedral window technique taught by Zoe Clifton last year.

I have watched Sheila work diligently on these small stitchery blocks and here is the amazing finished project ready to display on the wall!

And finally 19 small baby quilts made by Evelyn for the Sunshine Hospital.  Some of the little quilts feature blocks made by our friend Joy who has sadly passed away.  It is lovely to see her work used in this way.

Do you need a valentine project to occupy your time.  I thought this heart pattern was easy and quick to produce-

Happy Sewing.  Glo x

Community Grant

Well not the best photo I have seen. Last night I went to Hume Global Learning Centre at Craigieburn. I thought it was just to pick up the cheque. I did not dress up as you can see. For anyone unaware I had applied and been successful in gaining a Community Grant for $1100. The application process was a bit difficult but now worth it. I will apply again this year. When I got there it was a full on Gala event. There were speeches, presentations and productions. Then we had to line up and be given the cheque and have a photo taken with the local members. The above being Councilors Ann Potter and Leigh Johnson of Jackson Creek Ward. The evening lasted 2 hours but it was very inspiring to see the range and diversity of activities offered in the City of Hume. This money will help cover the costs of venue hire and insurance. I think we must keep a good photographic record in case we are asked to present next year.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Need a challenge?

Looking for something different to try?  These fabric baskets will use up your scraps and perhaps your sanity as well. I will give it a try!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New Days New Ways

The creative juices are probably beginning to stir once again.  My aim is to finish off many projects and protect myself from starting new ones.  I don't really think I have much chance of this happening with evidence from my past experiences but one can always try.

However this will be the year where I suggest that the BLOG will take precedence over newsletters since we are receiving our information in many ways and the need for a newsletter is no longer there.  Duty lists and event lists can be sent via an email and updated as required.  They can also be published here.

Any interesting links and ideas can also be published on the BLOG and be immediately available.

I certainly would encourage everyone to add to our BLOG.  You can easily be added as an author so just let me know. If you have an opinion on all of this please join in the discussion at our next meeting on February 7th.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Challenges Begin

Our new elves, Rosie and Judith have pulled off a major coup with this incredible challenge.  We will definitely need to do our research and put on our thinking caps for this one!  Make sure you get your kit and start planning!


Our  challenge is to find a work of art from another artistic field and translate it into a Fabric Art interpretation.  Look at works by painters, photographers, graphic artists, sculptors, architects, fashion designers, etc.

Check out these examples!


The linen in our pack represents the blank canvas but it does not need to be part of  the final project if you prefer not to use it.

Time to get going!!!!


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