Wednesday, March 30, 2011

President's Natter - March...

It was so inspiring to see so many involved with the 'Flood affected charity quilt drive'. Wow! We got so many quilts made and they all looked fantastic. Thank you all for your hard work. We had several members taking blocks home to put together, quilt and sew the binding on, others backing the quilts on Tuesday nights... it was truly, a wonderful effort from everyone involved. Also a special thank you to:
  • Di Hutchinson and Gloria Jacobs for coordinating both the collection of quilt blocks and sewing items; and
  • Judy Van Dyck who generously donated even more fabric this time for the five children's quilts going to Kerang.
There were 19 gorgeous quilts sent to Charlton and another 15 went directly to Kerang families, whose homes are still under water as I write. These families are still in temporary accommodation and we hope the quilts will bring them great comfort.

Irene Ayres the president of the Kerang Quilters made us feel so welcome when we delivered the quilts last week. We were able to have lunch with members of the group and hear first hand the devastation the floods have caused so many families in the outlying rural areas. They feel like they have been forgotton, but our quilts made with such warmth will be a real reminder that we do care.

Unfortunately we didn't catch up with Prince William in Kerang on the day, (I did take my tiara and princess' wand, but to no avail) the streets were bare. There were 10,000 expected to greet the Prince at the Town Hall around the corner from where we were in the Patchwork shop. We passed photographers in the street but for some reason they weren't interested in us!

On a serious note, our plan is to organise a 'mini charity group' and have a box specifically full of items needed for future quilt drives.

Judy and Marlene have been extremely busy with preparations to make our annual retreat an exciting experience for us all. I amongst others am fully aware of all the hard work that goes into the organisation of our retreats and I know we are in for a fun filled weekend. I am not going to forget to mention and thank Anna Capuano. A lovely, past member who used her expertise in designing our badges for the retreat and has been busy helping Judy and Marlene sew goodies for us... we are really blessed to have such lovely ladies involved.

Don't forget to turn your clocks back an hour on Saturday night girls... that means we have an extra hour of sewing/sleep at the retreat.

The Chinese Whispers is due to be exchanged tonight and I have heard nothing but excellent reports on the swap, we have 26 excited members involved, so had to have two draws with 13 in each draw. It is a 'real challenge' and there is much excitement as we are all finding blocks to work on using techniques we haven't tried before. We are all finding it a real learning curb, trying something new or different to what we would usually do.

Don't forget to look on 'The Travelling Friendship Quilt Project' website's blog to see how it is travelling.

As our states' coordinator I contacted many quilt groups in diverse areas throughout Victoria to ask for their involvement, as it is impossible to have the 'suitcase' travel everywhere in our state, due to time constraints. I have had many replies of interest and these groups will send their blocks and diary entries directly back to Maleny, Queensland to be included.

Here is our block that will be included in the finished quilt!

Today has been so sunny and warm, but sadly I think it may be the end of our warmest weather for some time.

Have a wonderful weekend at the retreat ladies... I'd better start packing!

I have to go thread another needle first...

Happy sewing,

Friday, March 18, 2011

handy hint #1

A snippet that I gleaned from SCQuilters e-mails on how to store your scissors:

Hang scissors on a mug tree. It has four arms so I put pinking
shears on one arm, large scissors on another, small scissors on another
and rotary cutters on the last one.

Bambus Mug Tree {sourced on}

How simple is that idea?



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