Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Christmas in July!

ho ho ho! - source

Judy & Marlene are busily planning for our upcoming Christmas in July function which will take place on the last Saturday in July at Riddlells Creek Hotel. Just to whet your appetite's, the menu includes:

Roast beef and pork, roast potatoes and pumpkin, with steamed vegetables

Plum pudding with custard or
Pavlova with thick cream and fresh fruit topping

Platters of scones with jam and cream
Tea & Coffee station set up

The cost for the day's festivities will be $21 per person. Please see either Judy or Marlene to book your place and Esmae to place a deposit if you wish!

A project is yet to be confirmed but we will be able to sew on the day.

Special note: The group will cover the total cost of the day's afternoon tea.

President's Natter - June...

Well ladies we are well into winter and it is just lovely sitting by the fire sewing, that is when we can find the precious time to do it. I am enjoying sewing tumbling blocks at the moment, I am doing it by hand and am really enjoying it. I always thought 'oh hand sewing', it would be too slow, but I must admit to the contrary, it is quicker then I had imagined {and quite relaxing}. I haven't really hand pieced a quilt before, well except for a Hexagon quilt. It appears to be going together nicely. I have also noticed several members are also hand piecing at the moment and their work is looking amazing.

It is lovely to see so many members, including new members getting involved in the groups activities. Such as our charity work. I had a call from the president of Kerang quilters telling me all the flood affected folk are settling back into their home and the quilts we delivered are being distributed to the families... they were most humbled by our thoughtfulness and hard work to get the quilts not only to them but to the Charlton flood affected as well.

Whisper, whisper, whisper - source

Members have also been so helpful to one another with our 'Chinese Whispers' swap, assisting new members when needed. We are already up to our fourth swap and everyone is really enjoying the challenge and can't wait for the reveal in the New Year. This will be done on a Saturday over lunch and we will display all blocks for the 26 members involved... I think it will definitely take most of the day for our display... well, er it is nice to plan ahead!!

We need to begin planning for our bi-annual Quilt Exhibition soon and will select a sub-committee to head the various areas which need to be covered. It's good to share the load so we all know what is going on. The sub-committee will report back to us at each meeting, as to what is happening. We won't be leaving it up to just those few, as we need to have all members involved where possible.

A sneak peek from the 2010 SS&Q Exhibition!

We will have to begin thinking of the quilts we wish to have on display, as we displayed most of the quilts from our stash last Exhibition, {which was most successful with over 120 quilts hung, all of which were made by members} so I can see a lot of quilt making between now and then.

Well I best go and thread another needle,

Till next time, Lyn

Monday, May 30, 2011

What's new in the library?

The library team try to make sure we purchase the resources you want!

We have been very fortunate this year in being able to update our library with a number of new books including these most beautiful recent acquisitions.

The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt (130)

Ricky Tim's Convergence Quilts (131)

More William Morris Applique

All three books will provide us with very different challenges. I only wish I had the time to attempt all the ideas that are generated from browsing through our resources. Even if you don't have time to start a new project it is great fun just looking!

Glo and Beryl

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

book review: Kaleidoscope by Melanie Hurlston

Last Tuesday {the 10th} I borrowed Kaleidoscope from our library because I really wanted to try making a few of the very sweet, kokeshi dolls on page 58. What I loved most about the book {apart from the gorgeous softies, of course} were the beautiful photographs and the little rhymes and introductions that accompanied each pattern.

The kokeshi dolls apparently symbolise love and friendship which made them appeal to me even more than their sweet little faces! Unfortunately when I went to raid my stash for requirements, I couldn't find any black homespun for their hair or any Japanese prints for their bodies... so I improvised and made one a brunette and one a blonde, then used some lovely polka dots and florals from the Bliss range by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics. I also made one a scarf and a flower for her hair and the other got be-ribboned pigtails. So while they're not traditional kokeshi dolls, I think the spirit is definitely still there!

Here is my little brunette kokeshi, which Cameron calls Mama {me}

My next project will be Bella-boo the pink rabbit softie... stay tuned for an update on her!

All in all, this is a gorgeous book of patterns by Melanie Hurlston {of Melly & Me}. Including 16 different projects that suit both beginner sewers {like me} and those of you who are more advanced; there are soft toys, bags and quilts to enjoy. For each project there are easy to follow instructions, pattern templates to photocopy or trace as well as several photos to inspire you along.

Whether you have little people in your life or are just young at heart, do go ahead and borrow this book {once I return it next Tuesday night} because it has been a real pleasure!

Happy stitching,
Kylie x

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

handy hint #2

Here are a few really great hints I read in a recent newsletter from Jodie at The Haby Goddess:
  1. When using iron on adhesives {such as Vliesofix or Applifix} iron & heat your fabric first. You can then place your adhesive piece onto the fabric and it will lightly fuse and hold in place for when you permanently press it down with your iron. If the fabric is cool, sometimes the adhesive piece can slightly move as you start to iron.
  2. When working with fabrics where the right side is a lot like the wrong side it can be hard work trying not to get them mixed up. To help prevent this, once you have cut your pieces and removed the pattern, mark the wrong side with a piece of tailors chalk prior to sewing.
  3. One of the reasons sewers prefer not to pre-wash their fabric is because it loses the stiffness. Try adding starch to your wash. It comes in both liquid or powder form and will help retain some of the newness for the fabric.
source: moda bake shop



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