Thursday, August 25, 2011

New and Wonderful Additions to Our Library

I am sure you will enjoy this amazing bright cheerful book Quilt a New Christmas  (Number 134) that puts a new slant on Christmas projects. I wanted to keep it myself but must share with everyone!

Read the review from the publisher's site -
Review By: Tara Batman, - August 12, 2011
Review Title: Quilt a New Christmas Book Review: An interesting concept in this book is capturing Christmas by using context instead of Green & Red colors. Why do all Christmas quilts have to be made in traditional colors; their approach is to use context with any colors. The quilts in the book show modern color schemes while still retaining the Christmas look. Piece O' Cake designs has wonderful techniques for needle turn applique that is easy to understand and helps make your work mistake proof, so all their books are very good for beginners wanting to do this type of applique. A great discuss of value, scale and contrast was done in this book which is very well illustrated. Also, they address picking fabrics for the backgrounds using unusually typed of prints, then how to combine it with applique fabrics while using a planning board. I really enjoyed this book and the quilts are very unusual but very Christmas. I have at least two projects picked out to do!! 

We have also purchased the first of the William Morris In Applique books (Number 135) .We already have the second book.  No artist ever captured the beauty of nature in such exquisite detail as William Morris. Now Michele Hill has transformed his graceful birds, flowers, vines, and woodland creatures into appliqué designs any quilter can master. (Reference: 

If interested you can see the video launch of this book.

While browsing to find information about our new books I came across this free classic reference, defintely one to explore just for the fun of it! -  Encyclopedia of Needlework by Therese Dillmont.    There are lots of other needlecraft references there as well.

That's all for now!   Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

President's Annual Report

SS&Q has had a busy year. We have sadly seen old members go and new members with renewed enthusiasm, take up membership.

We have been involved in many projects and fundraising activities since the last AGM. Last Christmas in July we raised $62.00 and the group made up the difference to donate $100.00 to the Biggest Morning Tea.

We increased our weekly entrance fee from $2.00 to $3.00 to cover hall hire. We made amendments to our constitution at a special meeting.

Jenny Bacon, President of Victorian Quilters, on the 16th November, gave an informative talk and slideshow and presented the group with show and tell.

We became involved in the Travelling Friendship Quilt Project, being Victorian State co-ordinator, took part with several members to design and make a block to be part of a quilt, which will represent our group in being part of history.

Our bi-annual quilt exhibition was held over two days for the first time and proved a huge success. Our amazing raffle quilt raised over $1500.00 for The McGrath Foundation. Our two wonderful raffle baskets enabled us to cover our costs. St Mary's Church catered and the money they raised went back to the Church.

On the 16th May, many members were able to attend Pauline Rogers' quilting workshop.

We had two full day workshops and several Tuesday nights working on charity quilts we donated to those affected by the flooding of Charlton and Kerang. As well as sewing, goods were donated by our group to the Charlton group. We also sponsored three Charlton Patchworkers affected by the floods at our annual retreat in April.

Several members made and donated trauma dolls.

Our Chinese Whispers' Block Swap commenced in February, involving 26 enthusiastic members, with a reveal in February 2012.

The group was involved in making two quilts which were donated to the Goonawarra Community House to be raffled at their art show, for a local children's autistic group.

Our first amazing SS&Q blog was commenced, with the president's report, rosters and SS&Q meeting business, still being produced in paper form.

We have supported the Koala Club in Africa via St Mary's Church, with donations materially and in cash.

Our group have set up two mini committees for both the Annual Quilt Exhibition in 2012 and our continued Charity Quilt making.

A back to basics class was offered by members and enthusiastically taken up by new members just recently.

I would like to finish by saying I have enjoyed my time as president and sincerely welcome our new President and committee members.

Many thanks,
Lyn Peucker

Monday, August 15, 2011

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

More Stained Glass Projects To Inspire You!

Feast your eyes on another array of beautiful handwork!

There is still another lot to send your way in the next few days!

Monday, August 8, 2011

2011 Elf Challenge - What an inspiration!!

I have finally found a few moments to sit down and sort through some of the photos I took at our Christmas in July function.

We were thrilled with the entries into our stained glass challenge project and continue to admire the skill and ingenuity that our members always display. 

It was especially thrilling to see some of our newer members take up the challenge and 'have a go'!  Well done everyone!  The completed projects will make a great display at our Quilt Show next year.

Enjoy the feast for your eyes.


This is just the start!   Look for more later!   
 From one of the elves! 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Christmas Elf Challenge

This time last year a small group of quilters were discussing the Elf Challenge. None of us wanted to be chosen but we decided that the next victims, um, I mean Elves must have been notified already and so we were off the hook. Imagine the scene at my house a couple of days later when THE letter arrived! I yelled "Yikes!" Oh OK I confess, I yelled something too rude to publish on this blog! I phoned Glo, my fellow Elf, immediately and she was very happy about the whole thing so I decided it could be quite an adventure really.

For the first few months I "helped" a lot with the library on Tuesday nights and no one suspected we were really getting together in secret to discuss what we were going to do. Glo and I decided almost right away to do a stained glass challenge and it all went smoothly after that. We thought that stained glass would perhaps be something not many quilters had attempted to do but was nice enough that we'd still have friends at the end of the challenge!

Glo and I met up to make boxes and plans and we divided the shopping and workload up and really it wasn't very difficult to do so don't be scared if you get THAT letter soon! Yes you, I'm talking to you! The hardest part for me was keeping quiet about the whole thing especially when everyone around us was wondering who the Elves were and what challenge they might issue!

We obviously had to do our share so in preparation for the Christmas meal at Riddells Creek Hotel last year Glo and I made our own stained glass designs to show you. Luckily for me I was redecorating a bedroom and my stained glass project (pictured above) was just the thing to fill the space above the bed! Glo made a beautiful bag which I'm hoping Glo will be able to share a photo of with you. We were very happy when we revealed our Elf selves when no one had suspected a thing!

Throughout the following 6 months we heard a few moans and groans about the project which cheered us up ha ha but in general most people were happy to be playing along and I'm so glad they did because last weekend at our Christmas in July quilting day we had an amazing display of projects! I was astonished at the many different ideas everyone had. There were cushions, table runners, wall hangings and bags in all kinds of wonderful designs.

Glo and I had been busy sewing small gifts in appreciation of all your hard work and I hope you enjoyed them. We had lots of fun watching you "wiggling" on the dance floor! I particularly enjoyed Bronwyn's solo! All in all it was a lovely day and I'd like to thank Judy and Marlene for all their hard work organizing the day and of course thanks to my fellow Elf, Glo, for all her help and support. It was fun!

Glo will share pictures soon.



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