Thursday, August 25, 2011

New and Wonderful Additions to Our Library

I am sure you will enjoy this amazing bright cheerful book Quilt a New Christmas  (Number 134) that puts a new slant on Christmas projects. I wanted to keep it myself but must share with everyone!

Read the review from the publisher's site -
Review By: Tara Batman, - August 12, 2011
Review Title: Quilt a New Christmas Book Review: An interesting concept in this book is capturing Christmas by using context instead of Green & Red colors. Why do all Christmas quilts have to be made in traditional colors; their approach is to use context with any colors. The quilts in the book show modern color schemes while still retaining the Christmas look. Piece O' Cake designs has wonderful techniques for needle turn applique that is easy to understand and helps make your work mistake proof, so all their books are very good for beginners wanting to do this type of applique. A great discuss of value, scale and contrast was done in this book which is very well illustrated. Also, they address picking fabrics for the backgrounds using unusually typed of prints, then how to combine it with applique fabrics while using a planning board. I really enjoyed this book and the quilts are very unusual but very Christmas. I have at least two projects picked out to do!! 

We have also purchased the first of the William Morris In Applique books (Number 135) .We already have the second book.  No artist ever captured the beauty of nature in such exquisite detail as William Morris. Now Michele Hill has transformed his graceful birds, flowers, vines, and woodland creatures into appliqué designs any quilter can master. (Reference: 

If interested you can see the video launch of this book.

While browsing to find information about our new books I came across this free classic reference, defintely one to explore just for the fun of it! -  Encyclopedia of Needlework by Therese Dillmont.    There are lots of other needlecraft references there as well.

That's all for now!   Enjoy!

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