Saturday, March 31, 2012

Retreat 2012

Well, we have just been to our annual retreat last weekend, and this time we chose to go to a camp at Creswick.  With 36 members and friends attending, we had a lovely time with lots of sewing, projects to take part in, and of course lots of chatter.

Retreat Challenge Projects!

 On Friday night, three projects were provided. These were a multi-coloured lanyard, a thread tidy and a card wallet.

Glo working on a patchwork lanyard.

On Saturday many of the ladies went into Creswick to visit the Woolen Mill, the Quilt Show and of course the shops and a cup of coffee.  A number of the ladies began the Saturday project which was a pattern by Andrea.  The different fabrics and colour combinations chosen by the ladies will ensure that all of the quilts will look quite different when finished.  Don't forget to bring them for show and tell girls.

Some gorgeous show 'n tell from Esmae.

Saturday night many of the ladies dressed up for our theme of something beginning with "R", and I must say there was a lot of hilarity.   The meals were great at the retreat and I am sure we all put on a little weight.

More lovely show 'n tell...

The accommodation was quite comfy, if a little rustic.  I believe most, if not all of the ladies were very happy with the venue and we will be looking at the possibility of booking it for next year.

Beryl, working on a stitchery...

Many thanks to the organisers of the retreat, Judy, Andrea and Rosie, a job well done. We all know that a lot of work is carried out beforehand.


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