Saturday, December 22, 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Better late than never!  I have lovely Show and Tell today.
Here's a quilt Marlene made for her granddaughter.  The quilting was done by Jo Butterfield.

Karen won the 6 1/2 inch embroidered raffle blocks last year and made them into this lovely wall hanging straight away.  She won the quilt hanger at our Christmas meal and it's the perfect fit!

Here's Carolyn showing off her new patchkini!  Carolyn has been showing her workmates how to make hexagons and as a surprise they made this patchkini for her.

Heather made this sewing organiser.  It was one of the "gift of the month" projects from Faeries in my garden.  Gift of the month is similar to Block of the month except that instead of a new block each month you're given a new project.  The organiser is stunning!

Annie made this scrappy nine patch quilt.  She tried to use up as many of her 2 1/2 inch scraps as she could.  I believe the quilt was inspired by a Bonnie Hunter scrappy quilt. 

Jan made this book cover for one of her sisters.  The book is blank in anticipation of her sister filling it with her poems and short stories.

 Jan also made this Sunbonnet Sue quilt for her great niece for her first birthday although Jan sheepishly told me that the child is almost two now!  The first block was made by her sister.

 Have a lovely Christmas everyone!  See you all back at Tuesday night quilting in January!

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