Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our guest speaker, Julie Adamson was the highlight of our Quilt-in Fun Day

Julie  has been quilting and quilt making for almost twenty years and has been sharing with students her love of hand quilting and needleturn appliqué for more than eight years.  During class her emphasis is always on the building of skills and techniques in a relaxed and happy environment.

In the last two years she has judged two state exhibitions and is booked to teach on a cruise early next year.  In 2011 a new American magazine, International Quilts, requested and printed an article about her quilts and quilting life.

Some of the most recent awards for her quilts include:

 2011 Excellence in hand quilting - Adelaide

         Second place – Small Quilt Open

 2010 Best of Show – Adelaide

         First Predominately Applique – Professional

         Excellence in hand quilting

          First Mainly appliqué – Professional – Melbourne
          Judge’s award
          Narelle Grieve award for Excellence in hand quilting

 In her presentation she shared her quilting journey from naïve beginnings to award winning quilter.  Her high pressure job in children’s publishing meant she needed an outlet from the stress and after sighting a welsh handquilted, wholecloth quilt in a magazine she was hooked.

Needleturn appliqué and hand quilting continue to be her passion.  As with most of us, her early quilts were very traditional using self taught methods.  In later years she let the creative juices flow and experimented with free form hand quilting designs using a variety of threads and silk material.  If machine quilters could do it so could she!

 Her beautiful quilt, Tribute, was made over a four year period when many of those in her close circle were facing challenges and her tree of life quilt was a tribute to these strong women.  It was a great pleasure for us to study this quilt and others up close. 


 Evelyn has captured images of all those quilts so enjoy the visual journey!


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