Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quilt In - The final post!

The shops and Chibobo Charity

Each of the shops did well with the trading they did on the day and those purchasing were pleased to have the variety including the bargains from the Chibobo trading table. You can read a little more about St Mary's support of the Chibobo orphanage here.  The ladies at St Mary's hosted a trading table and provided a lovely selection of soups for purchase at lunchtime and raised over a thousand dollars for the charity.  They are all very grateful for your support.  Thank you.
Ladies at one of the shops.
Elizabeth at the trading table.

         Gill talking about the Chibobo orphanage and the role St Mary's has in supporting it.

Morning and Afternoon tea

As well as the soup there was morning and afternoon tea which was provided by members of our group.  I think everyone brought a little something each so there was lots on offer.  We overheard our visitors exclaiming over the quality of the foods on offer and the amount of gluten free choices so we were very pleased to hear that!  The shops and food area was very busy all day and Beryl and other members in charge of that area were rushed off their feet.  They said they loved every second!  We aim to provide more savoury products at our next Quilt In.

Some of the afternoon tea available.

Raffle, Yo-Yos and Buttons

 The raffle ticket and button and yo-yo table was very busy too.  Congratulations to all our winners!  I'd love to see what you did with the yo-yos and buttons!  They're so pretty I'd have kept them as display!  Thanks to Esmae and Joy for making a notice board of ideas as to how to use the yo-yos and buttons.  It was lovely to look at and get ideas from even if you weren't lucky enough to have won them.

Buttons and Yo-Yos.

Ailsa and Bernadette at the raffle ticket table.

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