Saturday, August 31, 2013

Shirt Challenge 2013

A year ago Annie and Lyn organised a Shirt Challenge for us at SS&Q.  Thanks ladies!  You can go back and revisit that post here.  Today we displayed lots of finished (and almost finished!) quilts in the garden at the sewing hall.  They all looked amazing fluttering around in the breeze on the beautiful sunny day we had today.  Unfortunately because of the sun the colours don't show up as well as they should.  Click on the pictures to enlarge.






Heather P







A pincushion for each participant

 Portable ironing/cutting board workshop

After we oohed and ahhed over the shirt challenge quilts, Annie demonstrated how to make an ironing board plus cutting board in a carrying case.  They're very handy for retreats and sew ins!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Show and tell

Carolyn made this quilt as a Round Robin challenge with some of her girlfriends.  It's Carolyn's first hand quilting project!  Carolyn started with the Dresden Plate centre square and borders were added in a round robin method.  This quilt took 12 months to complete.  Just a can click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Esmae made this "In the Beginning" quilt.  Michelle Hill designed this quilt in the William Morris tradition.  It started life as a kit although Esmae changed some of the design.  The quilt has been quilted by Kerrie Thomas. 

Here is another of the Elf Challenge table runners.  This one was made by Julie.  She embroidered the flowers and the challenge colonial knots were sewn onto the butterfly wings.


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