Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Book review: Patchwork Loves Embroidery

Hello quilty peeps! It's been an age since I posted on this lovely blog, so when I came across this new embroidery book by Gail Pan, I thought it must be time for another book review.

source: Martingale

Gail's newest book, Patchwork Loves Embroidery is absolutely gorgeous and if you love stitchery/embroidery projects like I do, you'll love it too. Packed with 15 little patchwork and hand-embroidery projects to suit all levels of stitchers among us, you're sure to find something to appeal. There are table runners, bags (my fave), books covers and pincushions (ok I love these too) just to name a few.

source: Martingale

For the beginners among us, there is a fabulous section at the front of the book that walks you through the basics of transferring designs, choosing the right needle for the job as well as general stitching advice and instructions.

Gail includes full-sized instruction sheets with this book, which make everyone's life easier and I have to say, that if you like stitcheries even half as much as I do, you'll find lots of ways to use the ones in this book for other projects. I can just see that little house on some linen in a washi tape covered hoop, hanging on my wall with a little phrase like, "There's no place like it!"

Ooh...and for those of you who enjoy a twist on the more traditional or subdued colours, take a look at the following image of the little birdy pincushion created from Gail's book, I found on Pinterest.

Sameliasmum on Pinterest

To finish off, I will mention that while the link on the book title at the top of this post takes you to the Book Depository, I thought it might be nice to know that in this case you can also buy directly from the publisher, Martingale who offer both a physical and eBook option, for those of you who are tech savvy and prefer this format.

By the way, if you need some embroidery inspiration and these images aren't quite enough for you, take a look at my little collection of pins over here... You'll find lots of links to stitching tutorials too!

Happy stitching,

Kylie x

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