Friday, June 27, 2014

four: friday favourites

Howdy here is the fourth instalment of Friday Favourites for you. I mentioned last week that I've recently had some fantastic member contributions, so thank you for sending things my way. Please keep it up as I have so much fun looking through these sites.

source: Shiny Happy World - Chirp

This week Lyn is introducing us all to a super cute site called Shiny Happy World. As the tag line mentions, what you'll find there are "simple, fun patterns that anyone can make!" The site comes to us from North Carolina in the US and the wonderfully, shiny Wendi Gratz. Reading about Wendi and her background made me smile like a cheshire cat and that was before I even looked at the amazing array of projects available. She has a lovely little piece on her about page that I wanted to share with you all as it really resonated with me (as a fellow bookworm, hugger, doodler and hairdo chamaeleon) although I would change line nine to red... {wink, wink}.

Shiny Happy Creed, by Wendi Gratz
I believe color and whimsy are not just for little people.
I believe your hair should be any color you want it to be.
I believe in eating dessert every day. No exceptions.
I believe toys made for babies should be machine washable.
I believe in hammocks.
I believe you can make it yourself.
I believe you can never have too many books.
I believe in playing with your food. Also your clothes, your toys. your jewelry, and your friends.
I believe that purple goes with everything.
I believe children’s books aren’t just for children.
I believe we all need hugs. . . lots of hugs.
I believe in doodling.
I believe in a Shiny Happy World.

What a fabulous creed! I love it.

Now... freebie patterns and lessons/tutorials. Oh my giddy aunt! There are so many...where do I start? Embroidery, sewing, felt, quilts. The very original part of Wendi's site is that the how-to's are all videos rather than of the traditional words and picture variety. How clever is that? I know lots of very visual people who use YouTube to self-teach themselves skills, so it seems only natural to extend that idea to stitching and craft.

After reading about hugs, seeing this beautiful heart garland made in felt and all that pink, I couldn't help thinking about my Nanna Val who loved pink and hugs too. It's one of the many free, pretty projects you'll find here.

source: Shiny Happy World

Wendi also has a shop section of her site where you can pick up some lovely crafty projects and kits at very reasonable prices. There are sewing patterns, quilt and applique patterns, felt patterns, embroidery patterns, diy kits, tools and supplies, books and some very sweet softies, including a group collectively known as the dress up bunch. This cheeky, little gal is one of them and is called Poppy! The patterns for Poppy and her play clothes (which are interchangeable with the other dollies in the dress up bunch) are all included when you buy her and for $7.50, she's a bargain any little girl would love!

source: Shiny Happy World - Poppy

Have fun swooning over all the shiny, happy loveliness on Wendi's site and just a quick note that if you subscribe to her email newsletter, you get an exclusive free pattern every month. That's pretty shiny if I do say so! Thank you again to Lyn for sharing this fun site with us this week.

So... That's it from me. Remember, keep sending me your wonderful finds so I can post them here and share with the group. There's a link to my email address in this post, if you don't know it. Don't be shy. Share with us...

Happy stitching!

Kylie x

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  1. Wendi is one of my favorite designers/teachers! Her videos are great! Glad you discovered her.


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