Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Quilt Show 2014 is Almost Here!!

The Quilt show planning group have been very busy getting ready for the great event at the Memorial Hall, Sunbury, on the weekend of June 14-15.  So much work is involved but it will all fall into place especially if as many members as possible share the tasks involved.  The planning group have been meticulous in their preparation.

Our raffle quilt has been very popular and we are pleased with ticket sales but you still have the chance to buy one!  Debbie and others did a great job honing their sales pitch at  Gisborne and Target, Sunbury.

There will be several shops displaying their wares each day - Patch 'n' Quilt from Gisborne, A Piece of Cloth from Geelong and Joy's Fabric Warehouse from Geelong. The ladies from St Mary's Church are doing the catering with morning and afternoon tea and a light lunch  available. I am aware of some of the marvellous quilts that are going on display so the public won't be disappointed.  It is not only quilts on display but various projects and challenges the group has completed over the past two years.

Encourage friends and family to come along and join us!  There will be lots of news to post after the show!

Glo x

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  1. Thank you Glo, yes we need as much help as possible from our members, setting up all day Friday, during the Show & packing up. Everyone's input will add to our Quilt Show's success. On behalf of the committee Lyn


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