Thursday, April 28, 2016


I recently visited Tasmania well Hobart really. My sister-in-law, knowing my interest in Quilting had gathered a list of likely places I might want to visit. Well it was more like  - "You will visit" I had heard Ann talk of a recent visit to Hat Creek so was keen to include that to my list. We set off via Richmond, through to the next small town, then on to a dirt road. Finally in the middle of nowhere a sign written on a post "Hat Creek" Along side of the gate was a very large padlock with "NO ENTRY"  We gave up and went home. I later discovered that the owners were in Melbourne at the Quilt Show!!!

Next on to the other places -we went to New Norfolk. It was very small and no one was bothered that I was there.

Hugs and Kisses next stop. Good reviews on the internet. I was excited. Sign on the door. Closed until next week attending the Quilt show in Melbourne.

The Needlewoman was  good but catered for all areas of the crafts spectrum.

Finally I found two but both had representatives at the Quilt Show so couldn't get what I wanted.
-The Patch Works with a great range of fabric and Frangipani Fabrics. They have both promised someone will get back to me. I wonder.

It did mean I didn't exceed my weight limitation on the cheap flight!!

Sheila Millington

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