Monday, August 8, 2016

After Our AGM

Congratulations to our new leadership team.  

We look forward to another vibrant, busy year.

Check out the show and tell contributions from our last meeting-

Kay brought her “Movement” challenge that she forgot  to bring to the  Christmas in July celebration. A great effort Kay.

She also completed this little bag-

Andrea showed us her recycled antique American quilt made from feedsack material. ( I hope that's right!)

Check out the material on the back.

Ann Mi has completed a magnificent Bargello quilt and sought advice for quilting it.  Can you help her with your ideas?

She also showed us her colourful 'Once Upon a Time' quilt.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Christmas in July 2016

Our annual celebration was a lovely day of sharing and enjoying each others' company.  The two elves, Janice and Jocelyn were delighted with the variety of projects completed for the challenge.  Everyone was rewarded for their efforts, even those who forgot to bring their work on the day! We had to use the provided black tone on tone fabric and feature it prominently while also demonstrating movement. Check out our efforts below.

In the afternoon Maureen D. was presented with her well deserved trophy from the Quilt Show where she won the Viewer's Choice award.   Her name now sits proudly with Esmae's.  Maureen will keep the trophy for 2 years.

Check out Maureen's latest baby quilt top-

Janice provided us with a very cute project to hand sew- a little felt bird badge.
It was quick, easy and fun!  

Take a peek at some of the tasks our members were working on during the day!

All in all a great day!  Thanks Evelyn and her helpers as well as our elves, Janice and Jocelyn!  Who will be the next elves and what will they ask us to do?  All will be revealed at our December Christmas lunch!


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