Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Washable pen experiment

I decided to experiment with washable pens after reading about a blogger who marks all her quilts for quilting with Crayola washable pens.  The pens cost about $10 for 20 so I thought that if it worked it would be a bargain considering a lot of decent marking pens are $6 each.

Click each picture if you want to see it enlarged.

I drew a table with permanent ink so that when washed I could see which colours, if any, were stubbornly still there.

After washing I was pretty disappointed with the result.  As you can see, the fabric is still pretty colourful.

Not to be beaten, I soaked the fabric in powdered stain removal for 10 minutes.  The blue pens have pretty much disappeared as have some of the others but the reds and browns are still showing.

So in conclusion, while some colours disappeared, who wants to be soaking their quilts in stain remover?  The pens may be good for marking seam allowances or embroidery lines which will be covered by stitching but I personally wouldn't use them to mark a quilt top.

The Crayola pens draw beautifully on paper however and there's a lovely selection of colours!

Yesterday I read about a blogger who bastes her quilts with washable school glue.  Stay tuned for that experiment!

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