Sunday, June 25, 2017

A big wow quilt

Wow look at this. This is a beautiful quilt completed by Kate Whiting, a Saturday Sit and Sew lady. WELL DONE KATE. SUCH A LOT OF DEDICATED WORK.  It is a Judy Neimeyer pattern called Flowers for my Wedding  Ring. I was keen to add it to my list of quilts to make until she described the work involved in the applique alone. It was stunning. Sorry the picture doesnt do it justice.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Quilt In

Sunbury Stitchers and Quilters Quilt In

The theme for this year's Quilt In was High Tea and Debbie and the Quilt In committee did a fantastic job with the decorating and worked really hard throughout the year to make this event a success!

Before I say any more I do have a confession!  I was supposed to be the official photographer on the day and it's probably fair to say that I failed in this task because I didn't check the battery on my camera before I left the house.  Ahem.  And while we're on the subject of confessing I have to admit that I forgot my 2pm - 3pm shift on the raffle table.  Sorry Deb ;-)

The Quilt In this year was held at the Jack Mackenzie hall in Bulla as it's a nice sized hall with lots of parking and is fairly easy to get to for our visiting groups travelling from all over Victoria.  A large group of us got together on the Friday to decorate the hall and I think it looked fantastic!

One of our beautifully decorated tables

Ready for our guests

The charity we were supporting this year was a local not for profit charity providing accommodation for women and children.  The aim of this charity is to take in families in emergency situations and then support them to help get them back on their feet.  Our group spent many months making all kinds of things to sell at our trading table on the day of the Quilt In. 

Charity trading table

We had two lovely guest speakers attend this event.  Emma Jean Jansen spoke first and displayed a whole pile of amazing quilts she had designed which feature in her book By The Bundle.  Emma Jean also designs fabrics for the Australian company Ella Blue.  You can see more of Emma Jean's work on her website

Emma Jean Jansen

Thank you gift

Our next guest speaker was Janette McInnes from the The Plain Needlewoman.  Janette had a whole heap of antique quilts, all with fascinating stories, to show us.  (This is where my camera died!)  Hopefully we'll have more pictures to show you soon.  You can see more of Janette's quilts on her blog

Spellbound.  Janette's antique quilts are stunning!

The ladies from St Mary's church, Sunbury, provided delicious soup and rolls for lunch.  The money they raised is used to support an orphanage in Chibobo, Africa.  The Sunbury Stitchers and Quilters are a talented lot who not only can sew lots of lovely things but we can bake too!  The tables groaned under the weight of all those tasty cakes and sweet goods!


We had four shops attend the Quilt In this year.  There was Patchworks Unlimited, Hoops Quilts, Patch n Quilt and Statewide Sewing centre, Highpoint.  They had a huge range of things for sale on the day.  Statewide Sewing centre kindly donated the first prize which was a fantastic overlocker and this was won by one of the lovely helpers Debbie drafted in to help for the day!  As another of Debbie's friend's won the sewing machine donated by Statewide at the last raffle I'm going to make sure that I purchase my tickets from Debbie next time in the hopes that some of this luck rubs off on me!  There were also lucky door prizes awarded throughout the day.

What people don't see, and aren't supposed to see, is all the hard work that goes into hosting an event like this so I'd like to say a huge thank you to Debbie and the Quilt In committee who worked hard with organising the whole day and to all the members who stepped in and helped out on the Friday and Saturday.  You really did an amazing job! 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Meeting Night June 6

A few hardy souls braved the cold weather to share another relaxing night of friendship, sharing and very little sewing!

The highlight of Show and Tell was Janice's magnificent quilt which has taken over three years of dedicated work to complete!  It is magnificent with the needle turn appliqué and hand quilting.

Ann and Evelyn have been working rather diligently on various projects -

The first one was Evelyn's colourful rendition of 'Mimi's bloomers' - no not underpants- just flowers.
For those inspired by this vist Erin Russek's site One Piece at a Time.  I have added it to the BLOG list on the side.

The next beautiful creation is a version of the "Farmer's Wife"  I have dubbed it the Minimalist version!

The third project was a lovely bright friendship star designed for a friend's baby!

And finally the finished quilt that was part of Joy's legacy.  Esmae, Glo and Barb pieced the top from Joy's fabrics while Evelyn and Ann have  beautifully quilted it.  It is ready to go to Joy's family.   I enjoyed being part of this quilt and would love to make one for myself.

Ann's turn now!

This bright and very large animal quilt is designed as a playmat for her 2 grandchildren.

Her second quilt actually matches her hair!

And last one for Ann another baby quilt!

These two busy beavers have really produced the goods!

The following photos show some of the projects various people were working on at the meeting

Sheila is creating an amazing BOM designed by Esther Ailu.

Janice and Robyn have been enjoying stitching after being inspired by Figree Quilt Workshop!

You need time to explore all the hidden delights in Karen's quilt top which is ready for completion.
It is an inspiration!

And lastly but very importantly you should have received Judy's and Rosie's lovely invitation-

You will need to inform Evelyn if you will be attending. Saturday people, you can pass on the information on a Saturday.


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