Sunday, August 6, 2017

Christmas in July

We all had a wonderful time at our Christmas in July celebration last Saturday.  Thanks to Judy and Rosie for all their hard work as The Elves and to Judy for organising the day and the project!

The project was brilliant!  We all made fancy necklaces or scissor fobs with cute little frames and assorted fabrics and embroidery floss.

The Elves challenge was thought provoking!  Art is all around us and our challenge was to be inspired by the arts used in fashion, architecture, paintings etc. to create our own piece of art.

I made this based on crayon art.  The silhouette is of my daughter and her wife on their wedding day.

Annie made this after being inspired by the picture below it.  Annie's version uses appliqué and free motion embroidery.

Maureen was inspired by the painting "Girl with the Pearl Earring".  The face was printed onto fabric and it and the rest of the design was appliquéd onto the background.  Maureen used paints to add shading. 

Robyn wanted to create a swirl of leaves after being inspired by a scene in a movie.
Sheila's inspiration for her design, which has many techniques, was the Eiffel Tower.

Julie was inspired by the Mario game and made this quilt top for her grandson.

Kay made this lovely wall hanging while sitting with her husband in hospice.  Sadly, he's passed away and the wall hanging, which features the hospice's logo is a gift of thanks to the staff working there.

Janice was inspired by the carving on a door in India.  You can just see the door peeking out from behind the cushion.

Throughout the day we stitched, chatted, laughed and ate and a good time was had by all.  Rosie showed off this beautiful baby quilt which she has been making using a quilt as you go method after quilting the individual blocks with fancy stitches on her machine.  (Disclaimer -  Rosie didn't actually show this off and the person who did will remain nameless for fear of Rosie killing her)

It has been decided that this will be our last Elf Challenge but next year we'll still be having a Christmas in July celebration and a different challenge will run throughout the year.  Bye Elves!

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