Monday, April 30, 2018

Star stitch along

On Saturday Judy A ran a star stitch along and it was great fun!  It all started when Judy bought a layer cake because the top print was beautiful but when she opened up the package she found that many of the other fabric squares were not so nice.  She didn't want to waste it so decided to sew it all together just to get rid of it and then she wondered just how many ugly or put aside layer cakes or charm squares we had in our group that we could also use up.  It turns out we have lots of put aside packs!  My layer cake was so nice I put it aside for something special.  Well, that was many years ago and then it was just forgotten!

Before the sew along Judy stitched up lots of examples to show us that was could use different placements and colour choices which was great.  She really went to a lot of work!  The purpose of the day was to complete the star part of the quilt because the rest of the quilt is just made up of half square triangles placed however you'd like them.

Ann's quilt top is black and white which will be so stunning when it's finished.  She kept the centre of her star squares whole.  Ann was such a speedy stitcher she completed many of her half square triangles too!  

Maree is making her quilt with a beautiful Moda lawn fabric.  It's just so pretty! Maree's star is made with all half square triangles.

Janette's fabric is gorgeous too!  The fabric range is fairly muted with pops of stronger colours.  I can't wait to see it finished!

Lyn made her star out of a Christmas charm pack.  I believe it's going to be a wall hanging when it's done.  

I made the layer cake star in this picture.  It's very plain but the outer half square triangles are pretty wild.  I can't wait to finish it!  

Gail made the smaller star using a cute "girly" charm pack.  It's going to be a quilt for her new granddaughter.

Judy V made this amazing batik star.  Her outer half square triangles will be dark blues and purples.  It's going to look fantastic!

We also had a couple of quilts for show and tell on Saturday!  Andrea brought along her Just takes 2 quilt to show us.  It's all hand pieced and hand quilted.  It's amazing the effect you can get from using just two fabrics!

I'm not sure who made this jelly roll quilt.  I could hazard a guess but if it's not them and they don't support St Kilda I'll be in a lot of trouble!  Isn't this a great quilt?! It's given me an idea for the footy loving men in my life.

We all had a great day so thank you Judy!  Hopefully there'll be some finished quilt show and tell photos soon!

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