Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Display of great hexagon work

Here are some pictures of hexagon work which were brought along for display on Saturday 12th May. I am sure more people have hexagon work to share so bring it along on Second Saturday in June.

What a wonderful display.

This last one was a bag created by Lyn Peucker using a photograph printed on to fabric. An excellent project and a treasured bag.

CPR Training

Not feeling 100% on a Tuesday night or Saturday, don't  be put off coming. Last night 8 people did some CPR Training. We are all eager to try out our skills!!!
We did all find the defibulator easy to use, but are not always available. CPR is now so much easier but does require a degree of strength.
A huge thank you to Andrew for making it a fun experience.

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  1. I hope if we have to try out our CPR training that we don't have to practice on me! It was a fun course though!


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