Saturday, June 9, 2018

Saturday Sit and Sew 9th June

The Queen's Birthday Weekend. Hope those of you who work enjoyed the extended break, many were away or had plans for the week end. Eight people came together for a frezy of sewing. Whole boxes full of projects appear and are worked through making the day satisfying and worth while. The cameraderie amongst the group is great, enjoying  a chit chat like only ladies can.

Out theme was "Quilts we made a while ago when our quilting journey started"
This was a sampler made by Annie C made at a class in Essendon circa 2001?

This was the work of Lyn Staub. She still enjoys enbroidery to this day.

This was Judy Van Dyck. It was a quillow and was an early example of her work

A lovely wall haning made by Elsa. The picture doesnt do it justice. Many of the flowers were in 3D

Robyn made this for her grand daughter as a floor quilt. She said it was sttill used and much loved today

Another quilt by Annie made from flannels whch had a lovely feel as well as looking good.

Any night or Saturday is show a quilt time.

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