Thursday, February 9, 2017

Community Grant

Well not the best photo I have seen. Last night I went to Hume Global Learning Centre at Craigieburn. I thought it was just to pick up the cheque. I did not dress up as you can see. For anyone unaware I had applied and been successful in gaining a Community Grant for $1100. The application process was a bit difficult but now worth it. I will apply again this year. When I got there it was a full on Gala event. There were speeches, presentations and productions. Then we had to line up and be given the cheque and have a photo taken with the local members. The above being Councilors Ann Potter and Leigh Johnson of Jackson Creek Ward. The evening lasted 2 hours but it was very inspiring to see the range and diversity of activities offered in the City of Hume. This money will help cover the costs of venue hire and insurance. I think we must keep a good photographic record in case we are asked to present next year.


  1. Well done Sheila! It's good to see your initiative on behalf of our group. Glo x
    PS: You look perfectly fine!

  2. I have to admit that I did laugh out loud when I saw how well you'd dressed up! You do look perfectly fine as Glo said but yeah, not quite the in, handshake, thanks and out you expected! Thanks for doing all the work for us to get the grant Sheila! Now we'll have to put our heads together to spend it wisely.


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