Sunday, October 15, 2017

Saturday Busy Day

My apologies for my attempts at blogging. I like to think it was blogspot that was uncooperative not my failings.

Anyway I am having another go as I am not one to give up.

First of all welcome back Andrea who rejoined yesterday. She has had a difficult time with her father who has been unwell but fortunately is on the road to recovery.

Annie is in to mini world. She declared she had finished a quilt, so lovely. She shared her plans on making other mini mini quilts. Oh her patience!

We did have bets on when Judy A would start sewing as she does enjoy a chat. We all lost as she spent the day cutting out!!

As I said in my failed attempts at blogging "Anytime is show and tell time" .
Robyn is ready for a shopping trip

This is mine. It is a Blue Heron done from a kit and raw edge appliqued. It was all batik fabrics. 

Lyn S has been busy. It is great to see such a variety of jelly roll quilts after the "lesson" by Janette. You inspired us Janette thank you.
Have you got anything to share with the group. We are all eager to learn new skills or renew skills.

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