Monday, October 2, 2017

Show and tell

Judy V and I have been busy.  Don't say I never finish anything!  Click on any pictures if you want to enlarge them.

This circle flying geese quilt is a wedding gift for my daughter's friend in the UK.  

My son's friend, Callum, started making this rag quilt with his nan and he asked me if I'd finish it for him.  I assumed that poor nan had died and I agreed.  I met her a couple of weeks later fit and well in the supermarket.  But I finished the quilt!

 Mooch loves quilts so I made this quilt using scraps in the hopes that I could finally close my scrap drawers. Lovely, pictured on the quilt doesn't love quilts but she's not letting Mooch anywhere near it!  Poor Mooch!  I've started a new scrappy quilt for Mooch.  My scrap drawers still don't close.

Judy has made lots of jelly roll quilts and they're all fantastic!  I'm always amazed that a little jelly roll can make such a decent sized quilt and they all look so different.  These quilts were all quilted by Kerrie Thomas from Black Forest Quilting.

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